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There are 2 ways to donate; online or by mail. All online donations are completely secure. 

Give By Mail

Mail Your Donation To:
Pioneer Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 6182
Jackson, MS 39288-6182

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Online donations are made through Paypal. You will be redirected to their secure website to make your contribution.

Get Involved

Legacy Foundation

The Legacy Foundation was established to generate financial support for the base-line operations of Pioneer Ministries.

Upon becoming a member, an individual or organization commits to an initial donation of $100 (for individuals) or $1000 (for organizations), and then, regular monthly or annual contributions thereafter in the amount of their choosing. Membership benefits include quarterly updates, summer camp theme items, an opportunity to send a new camper to Summer Camp.

Capital Campaign

This area of financial support is designated for new building projects, renovations, and other earmarked facility improvements. Refer to the List of Current Projects for more information on which projects are currently active.

Scholarship Funding

The heart of PMI is the practical ministry that we are able to provide to individuals who are given the opportunity to be a part of one of our outreach ministries. Scholarship giving is one of the most 

direct ways to contribute to the front lines of the ministry. It provides the perfect avenue for impacting the life of individuals with the Gospel as presented through the various ministries at PMI

Estate Plan Donations

More and more frequently, this method of giving is being utilized to support the ongoing advancement of the Gospel even beyond the lifespan of the donor. The donor simply stipulates an amount to be donated to PMI as part of their legal Will.

Material Donations

Material donations afford one an opportunity to donate ready-made items that can be utilized in some aspect of our immediate or future plans.


Service volunteers are professionals who donate their services to accomplish specific tasks at PMI. These services may be in association with other groups who are working on a project or to address a need in an existing facility.

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