Where boys & girls learn to live the abundant life since 1948

We see kids struggle with acceptance, self-image, and morality. Our camp provides evangelism, relationships, and retreat to help kids break through these challenges.

Statement Of Belief

We believe:
That God, the Creator of all things, is sovereign, almighty, and eternal; That Jesus Christ the virgin born Son of God, lived, suffered, and died for our sins, ascended to heaven, and will return to earth again to rapture His saints; That the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the trinity, is active in Salvation, convincing and convicting men and women of sin and of their need for Jesus Christ, and giving power to live the victorious life; 
That the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God, the guide for Christian conduct; That the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to be taught to all men and women and that a camp setting is well suited for this purpose.

Our Vision

Our vision is to prepare young people to serve Christ in their communities and to become self-supporting, upstanding, and contributing citizens. We envision families as the focal point within the community. We see the family as the stabilizing and supportive force which enhances the efforts of our Christian environment.
Camp Pioneer

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide and facilitate teaching, training, and leadership development venues in the camp environment in order to advance the Christian Faith in our local and extended communities.

2018 Volunteers

John and Barbara Sanders
Jackie Williams
Kenny Brown 
TrustMark Bank-Cindy Cole
Catholic Charities-Kim D. Thomason
The Exchange Church, Pearl
Charles Dillon
Ernest Stanton


Tyrone Williams
Dennis Thornton
Brian Jefferson
Cade Chapel Church
Living Word Church
Mr. and Mrs, Bob Ashman
Pinelake Church Group
Iness Punni


Donna Bingham
SCD Brotherhood
Allen Family
Helen Jackson
Jeremiah Sanders
Edwyn Stanton
Victoria Renee Norwood
Barbara Turner
Maegan BIlbro
Sandra Fizer


Mentoring Clubs

Boys Mentoring Club


Girls Mentoring Club
Wednesday 4:30-6:30pm ages 10-15
Thursday 4:30-6:30pm ages 16-18


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